Data exploration that yields results

Leverage your productivity and leave repetitive data transformation tasks to Mapeai.

Steer your algorithms to
mitigate risks,
reduce costs,
increase revenue.


Chances are that you deal with an overwhelming amount of data generated by your business's operations. A broad sort of data science techniques are available to turn your data into insights that will steer your company toward goals.


Your data should tell a story. Keep all your data tidy and easily accessible so that you can reveal what they have to say. Get suggestions about what to do with your data and how to deploy it on your Machine Learning projects.


Watch Mapeai find the best data types for each of the features of your datasets, regarding storage space and memory consumption. Get ready to build Machine Learning models with the best-suited data!

Why Mapeai?

A recent article by showed that 76% of data available in companies end up being wasted and not used in analytics.

That leads us to underscore some reasons like:

Mapeai comes as a lifesaver:

Businesses are becoming much more data-oriented over the time, so data got bigger, messier, and more complex now than have ever been (read the onslaught of IoT connected devices).

However, without a formalized process to realize the true value of their data, results can vary widely.

Data engineers create and carry on processes that transform raw data into treated and formatted outputs. Then, they are used by data analysts and scientists in data interpretation, building and training predictive models, and reporting.

These are time-consuming and high skilled tasks that is easily managed by Mapeai.

How it Works?

Upload/import your own data from files in a variety of types and sources.

Derive as many datasets as needed after transforming your data.

Optimize your data to reduce storage and memory space, and to prepare them for Machine Learning deployment.

Inspect the quality of your data anytime.

Keep track of all steps taken over your work and maintain your repository tidy.

Export the data along with all the data definitions to different file formats.

All this right now and anywhere also through your phone.

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